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    ThePowerOfWiseEntrepreneur_3D cover2
    Rich and Free

    The Power Of Wise Entrepreneur: Volume One by Chris North Ebook



    The Power Of Wise Entrepreneur

    We guarantee that after purchasing and reading this book, you will make changes and improvements in your life that will bring you the success you are looking for.
    For some success may be wealth and for others freedom and independence. It all depends completely on you.

    With this series of books for entrepreneurial people, you are Guaranteed to achieve success.

    This book, developed by Modern Business 2.0 experts, contains a massive amount of knowledge based on years of experience and practice by an entire team of business professionals.

    The information provided in this book is not just theory. Everything you will read here has been thoroughly proven and tested in real life.
    In this work you will find a compendium of knowledge about:

    • what values are,
    • how to set goals correctly,
    • how to implement new habits,
    • how to build a personal brand,
    • what are management techniques,
    • how to save money effectively,
    • how to build passive income.

    Thanks to the guidelines contained in this book, you will be able to make positive changes not only in the sphere of your professional life, but also in your private life.
    So don’t waste any more of your precious time, don’t delay and start changing your life for the better right now.
    This book is the first volume of a series of books for entrepreneurs. The goal of our publishing house is to pass on our experience to people who dream of being financially independent. Running your own business is the best way to achieve financial freedom.
    The road to financial independence can be very twisty and mysterious, which makes many people afraid.
    Unfortunately, many beginning entrepreneurs are unprepared for the obstacles that will come their way – no wonder, since they are not taught in school how to deal with professional obstacles.

    We guarantee you that with this series of our books you will become
    Rich and Free.

    This is the first volume in a series for entrepreneurial people who want to keep growing and working on themselves.
    Whether you already have a business, are starting to take the first steps in business or maybe you are thinking about business in the future. It can be said that if you think that you are not fit to be a businessman or a businesswoman, thanks to our series you will achieve the goal you dream about.

    In addition, the knowledge contained in the book is for people who work all their lives for someone and want to be even better at what they do.
    In short, this book is for everyone who wants to develop themselves.


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