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    Secrets of Simon’s Loans: Academy of Young Entrepreneurs Series 1 , Volume 5



    Thanks to the book “Secrets of Simon’s Loans” from the Academy of Young Entrepreneur series, publisher of Modern Business 2.0 (

    Your child will not have to wait until full maturity to start learning how to start making financially intelligent and wise decisions.

    This book provides the necessary knowledge to ensure that a young person will not be unnecessarily exposed to financial mistakes and failures in the future.

    This book from the Academy of Young Entrepreneur series will help make your child aware of what the dangers really are behind taking loans and credits too hastily.

    Thanks to this book, a young person will be able to confidently make knowledgeable and wise decisions in the future to become a free, financially independent person.

    Described in a simple and friendly way, the adventures of Simon and Holly help to learn basic economic concepts, thanks to which your child:

    – will grow into an informed and sensible adult,

    – will be entrepreneurial, resourceful and confident in the future,

    – will make wise decisions in every aspect of life,

    – will not have to learn from his own mistakes,

    Simon’s friends get into trouble because of their ill-considered financial decisions. Fortunately, they are saved from their predicament by Maks, who suggests to them how to gain financial independence and get rid of debts.

    One of the boys bought an extremely expensive professional snowboard with borrowed money – after which it turned out that riding the board didn’t give him pleasure at all and he prefers to go back to his old skis. As a result, he will have to continue paying loan installments for a long time for equipment he will no longer use.

    The other boy bought a very well-equipped computer with a loan from the bank. Unfortunately, he had an accident while riding on the slopes and broke his leg. The injury he sustained completely immobilized him – the result is that he cannot go to work and earn money. The consequences are very painful, as he has no way to pay more loan installments.

    You probably wish that your child:

    – grow up to be a conscious and sensible adult,

    – to be enterprising, resourceful and self-confident,

    – to make wise decisions in every aspect of his/her life,

    Remember that your child does not have to:

    – learn from their mistakes,

    – gain experience by getting into trouble and unnecessarily complicating their

    adult life,

    – wait until they are fully grown to start learning to make decisions,

    You can protect your child from the mistakes you’ve made in the past:

    – by beginning his or her education as early as age 6,

    – using the knowledge of specialists,

    – teaching them good habits and beliefs.

    This is another volume in the series of financial education books.

    • Simon’s New Habits.
    • Simon and Holly are Shopping.
    • Simon and Holly are going on Vacation.
    • Simon Start a Business.
    • Simon and Holly are forming a Partnership.


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